The Walkers

A work in progress documenting walkers around the Peak District National Park.


Exploring my struggles to associate with my home town… a place where I’ve never really felt a longing for. A work in progress.

SMS – Sunday Morning Sales

A visual journey through the fascinating world of English car boot sales.


Deadphotographers is a forever expanding collection of images which explore the relationship of photography and our changing time while aiming to prove the theory that everyone has a good photograph in them.


Feasted showcases my eating habits and rituals for over half a year as I log everything I consume in order to uncover the source of my dietry issues. The diary ran from January 1st until 31 July 2011.

Model UN

The following photographs were taken at SheffMUN, the University of Sheffield Model United Nations event in 2013.

no building taller than the tallest tree

Learning from earlier mistakes in planning new towns, Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, UK, was designed to be a “city in the trees”.

The Wednesday

This is my boyhood football club, this is Sheffield Wednesday, this the fans and the people who make it what it is as I follow them on a journey through the football league.

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams explores the physical and mental expectations placed on these young shoulders, whilst questioning the role of children in such high-pressured roles in our society.


This is the British International Open Championships held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, 2009.

Swimmer Portraits

Swimmer portraits is a study – of body and form – of the UK’s leading paralympic swimmers.


In 30 years LRP has grown from small groups of tabletop role-play fans, to “Fest” events (such as Maelstrom) involving up to 1000 players in a fully realised alternate “world”.

Tim Gibson, Cryonics Ambulance Driver

Tim Gibson, Cryonics Ambulance Driver, photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine

Fell Running with the Brownlee Brothers

The Olympic Triathlon gold and bronze medals photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine

The Paris Roubaix Challenge

For the cyclist in pursuit of ‘glorious suffering’, the Paris-Roubaix race is unrivalled. I photographed Tom Robbins, the Financial Times Travel Editor, as he put himself through the bone-shaking ordeal.

Cross Country Championships – Martin Bright

In little over a year, Martin Bright turned himself from someone who struggled even to pick up a cricket ball into a competitor in the English National Cross Country Championships.

G4S in Lincolnshire

G4S Police support staff in Lincolnshire, UK, photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine.

Caroline Beck

Caroline Beck and her daughter Rosh photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine.

Ron Hill

The record-breaking marathon champion who has run every day since 1964 photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine.

The French by Simon Rogan

Famed for L’Enclume in Cumbria, Rogan is now taking on Manchester with a revamp of the city’s stalwart, The French. Photographed for the Financial Times Weekend Magazine.

COPD Stop Smoking Campaign

Images for a stop smoking campaign for COPD sufferers, showing the positive outcomes of having given up smoking.

Connecting Wiltshire

Photography for Connecting Wiltshire website, a new project from Wiltshire Council helping to make travel in the county simpler.

Spiltmilk Say Dance – Sheffield City Hall Shoot

Spiltmilk Dance’s new promotional images for their trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Wick at both ends

Food and drink images for the new website of Sheffield bar, The Wick at Both Ends

The Crookes – Dance in Colour

Starring Ferdinand Kingsley and Gina Walters

The Crookes – Afterglow

Official video for The Crookes single Afterglow. The first single to be taken from their second album.

The Crookes – Maybe in the Dark

Music video for a single from the band’s second album.


Ballroom is repetitive video sequence originally showcased in “Art in unusual spaces” in Leeds in 2009 and later installed in Bank Street Arts in Sheffield in 2010.


“There is nothing more notable in Socrates than that he found time, when he was an old man, to learn music and dancing, and thought it time well spent.” – Michel de Montaigne

Before Snow Thaws

As snow falls on the UK schools will close, busses will stop running and the country will ground to a halt.

World Water Bombing Championships

16 teams and 62 bombers don their silly side, and become a little competitive, all to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.


Students from 153 institutions compete in the British Universities and Colleges Sport Championships across 50 disciplines. The athletics events are contested in Sheffield over two days.

Arma Statium

Armistice. London, Somme and Flanders.
England, France and Belgium remember…
“Their Name Liveth For Evermore”


The second ever summit of the G20 heads of state saw mass protests on the streets of London’s financial district.


Street photography in New York.


Street photography in New York.

Els Segadors

The official anthem of Catalonia, “Els Segadors” (The Reapers) is a song seeped in a history of war and battles for independence which the area still thrives for.


Zoophilia is a form of affective bond to animals beyond the usual. Although often used to refer to sexual interest in animals, it is not necessarily sexual in nature.


Each year, teams from Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University square off on the field of play to determine who will hold the sporting bragging rights for another year.