News | Diary of Sunday Morning Sales | York, Twin Oakes & Sheffield Transport Club – SMS DIARY #4

April 30, 2011 at 9:30 am

With this weeks Sunday Morning Sales diary I’d like to talk about something that is becoming a little more annoying with every site of them… The Professionals.

There’s something about professional car booters that really gets to me. I’m not talking about market sellers, or those fantastic old chaps who seem to be entranced by some super super-glue or similar product that no one really needs, that they decide to fritter away their life earnings on setting up a small business with a branded van, PA system and all (I really need to take more pictures of these guys to illustrate my point). No, it’s those people who go to car boot sales, purchase goods from car boot sales, and then try to sell the same items back to car booters, even at the very same car boot sales!

This week saw the first of a double header bank holiday weekend. Bank holidays are usually fantastic for car boot sales, you’ll have one on a Monday as well as the usual Sunday sales and a possible Saturday if you really looked hard enough. But given we had good Friday on the cards, that would also mean a possible Friday slot! That’s right, potentially 4 days of back to back car booting!

This, would even be too much for me! So I vetoed the Friday option, figuring that most people would take that time to get their stuff together for the big weekender – and I was right, or at least I was right if the reports of Bakewell from my parents were anything to go by – so I headed for York on the Saturday.

We’d heard great things about this “fantastic” venue. And I have to give props where props are due, the venue situated in the grounds of the race course was rammed full of buyers and sellers. But it had a totally different atmosphere to the usual venues I frequent and it didn’t feel right to me.

This was unlike Monday, which after a break on the Sunday (I realise I’m sounding like a strange version of Craig David here but stay with me) caused in part by a bit of sun burn and heat stroke caught on Saturday, was great. We made the now usual visit to the vibrant and ever growing Twin Oakes car boot, which for some reason I keep calling Mansfield, which followed a rather slow start with a visit to the Sheffield Transport club, which while packed, seemed to be more populated with tat than anything.

But they were both worth the trips, and as we all know, one man’s tat is another man’s treasure, which brings me back to my rant and the trip to York.

The York racecourse car boot sale is run by an antiques dealer, which was my first inclination that it would be a car boot could be slightly different, but given that they run antique fairs I guessed it wouldn’t be too overrun with the antiques stuff.
But I was wrong, it was, and even the pricing normal items seemed to become inflated by the mere presence of these sellers who go round and have their pick of the crop before the gates open to the general public. And all to just stick back on their own stalls with inflated prices while failing to realise that they are pitching at a car boot sale which should surely, of all places, come with car boot prices?

And don’t even get me started on the “I could get £50 for that off ebay” people.


This week I should be hitting up Bowshaw car boot and possibly Bakewell which will hopefully bring a welcomed return to car boot reality.