News | UPDATED: Sunday Morning Sales.

June 25, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Sunday Morning Sales has been updated with some of my more recent work around the project.

Photograph from Sunday Morning Sales I’ve been shooting car boot sales in the UK ever since I decided to take photography a little more “seriously” (which happened to be some time around the start of 2007).
But it’s only been during the last year or so have I’ve decided to concentrate on covering this extremely English activity of car boot sales.

The project started initially as a way to keep me active in between commercial work, and in a way that didn’t require much planning. Carboot’s spring up left right and centre any given weekend (and Bank holiday Monday)… weather permitting of course.

The project is still very much in it’s early stages for me, but indebtedly over time I’ve been drawn in, and have decided to concentrate on it a little more.

So far I’ve photographed them, bought things from them, photographed things I’ve bought from them, and even sold things at them.

I look forward to each Sunday morning, to the early rise, the checking of messages to avoid wasted trips to empty fields, and of course I look forward to the bacon sandwiches.