News | site updates | Website reworked, new content added, some old stuff removed.

January 27, 2012 at 12:22 pm

I recently took the decision to rework my website. It’s not really something that visitors will really notice at the moment, but in the future there will be more scope for developing a better end user experience which consists of more interactive photo essays (should I desire to produce work of this nature).

Photograph from the reworked dog show series.

The idea here is to allow the use of mix media such as videos and audio, to be integrated into the existing slideshows, as well as other programmable features such as interactive google maps which could show a variety of things such as routes, locations of photographs, or even become the navigation for the whole piece.

In addition to this the news/blog section has been reworked to have a more visual aspect, which since being a photographer, is definitely something I feel I should have established earlier.

Finally, There are some new photo essays on the site, some older ones have been reworked in their sequencing. with additional images added and some removed. Also, some older essays have been removed as I no longer feel they fully represent the work I aim to produce in the future.

This work has been done at a time when I’m actively reconsidering the role the internet plays with my photography. I’ll follow up on this in the future with more thoughts as well as announcing some new features and areas of the site which are currently in development.