News | Resident Artist Position

May 25, 2010 at 9:44 am

In March I began a residency at a Sheffield Gallery called Bank Street Arts (

“I am interested in exploring the relationship of photography with Sheffield and it’s local photographers.

I want to discover how the people of Sheffield react to photography and what their photography education wants and needs are. I intend to investigate the relationship through a series of meetings with locally based photographers as well as photographers whose education was in the area, but currently work or live elsewhere: opening up discussions with the community to fully establish: their wants and needs, and whether they feel these wants and needs are currently being met.

These meetings, while initially sporadic will hopefully become a fortnightly or monthly held discussion platform. To explore how the people of Sheffield react to photography, I intend to develop exhibitions and installations, which will allow the recording and documenting of how these people react with the work in different environments and different presentation methods. These methods will include various ideas from print, projection, books, viewing screens to installations, which are more integrated with the venue.

The work for these exhibitions and installations will be curated from submissions from the photography community (both local and international through the use of the internet).
An internet photography group will be established using a social networking site such as flickr, where members will be invited to submit works on a variety of themes.

In order to gage the “interestingness” and reaction levels of the pieces a diverse range of data collection methods will be called upon. These will range from combinations of verbal communication, discussions, web feedback, video camera monitoring etc.”