News | No Culture Icons review my work

February 9, 2012 at 12:55 pm

No culture Icons has recently written up a review of my work which you may be interested in reading:

“It’s that clarity that unifies Dodd’s work. The subjects are mostly naturally lit, without the trappings of prior arrangement, posing or planning. They represent the accidents of the everyday, in the chaotic arrangements of car boot sale merchandise, and in the frozen expressions of diving swimmers. The Olympic Dreams project in particular isolates and distils the unvarnished humanity of his subjects. The figures hang in darkness, alone, sometimes contorted by their trajectories into unnatural shapes, sometimes floating freely with the water, surrounded by a private nebula of white bubbles in black water. The set generates an aura of medicinal preservation, as if the subjects are swimming through formaldehyde rather than water, frozen in place for others to admire and study their forms. They epitomise Dodd’s style, there in their little bottled worlds, these disparate communities, the swimmers and the athletes, the ballroom dancers and the boot sale aficionados, all are safe, and stable, and preserved.” – Ian Joicey No Culture Icons


You can see the review in it’s entirity on their website: