News | Blog | Balancing Acts – a year in review

January 13, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Back in January 2013 I wrote a short note about my hopes for the new year.

On reflection, due to commitments to private commissions, I’ve created little new work and I’ve spent less time developing my practice on a personal level than I certainly would have hoped.

To help combat this for 2014 in an attempt to remove distractions from my life, I’m actively staying away from things that encourage procrastination. In line with this I have decided to drastically reduce my screen time which will include an almost complete absence from twitter and facebook

I realise that this could mean that my communication is now extremely limited, and with some people it could mean that I will now not be in touch as much nor accessible as I once was. But fear not, I’m more than open to meeting in the real world, having phone conversations or even exchanging letters and the like.

If anyone is bemoaning the loss of my random thoughts being aired publicly, please note that I will keeping a notebook in a similar way to how I’ve used twitter over the years and should anyone wish to peruse them in person they need only ask.


New years resolutions and lists are always something thrust upon us, so this year I’m going to keep it extremely simple.

My resolution for 2014 is to be the person I want to be.