Balancing Acts – a year in review

13:21 13/01/2014

Reflecting on the past year I’ve decided to make a few changes to how I work and live.

Fraction Mag Holiday Print Sale

11:41 26/11/2013

I’m delighted to be taking part in this years edition of the Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale.

PDN Interview regarding websites etc.

18:26 16/01/2013

I was recently interviewed by PDN regarding some of the developments I’d made on FolioSites and why I encourage photographers to embed their tumblr in their websites.

New year, new start, new resolutions and new work.

20:02 09/01/2013

Every year when the new calendar comes out of it’s wrapper and is readied for our walls many photographers feel the sudden urge to inject a new breath of life into my personal work. I explain my resolutions for 2013.

New photographic work

18:59 29/01/2012

Some thoughts on approaching ideas for projects logically versus organically and thoughts on my new bodies of work The Walkers and a currently untitled piece on Sheffield, both works in progress.